Before parenthood, the owners of Attitude were living life as just, well, us. One day, they came across the website which stated that only about 10% of cancers are genetically inherited, while the remaining 90% has to do with choices and the kinds of lifestyles we live. If we think about the fact that we use, on average, six to twelve products everyday, and that each product contains dozens of ingredients, that’s a lot of reasons to avoid legally tolerated cancer-causing chemicals that can still be found in what we bring into our homes today.
Right then, they started thinking about what was in the bath products we were using and what kind of contaminants were making their way into our bodies through our skin.
However, instead of feeling defeated by these findings and a sense of despair for the future, they took this reaction and turned it into action (and into products!). They created ATTITUDE to put their values into our bathrooms, and into our lives, in the form of products that give you peace of mind.

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