Shak-Shuka opened with the aim to create a place where you could find the most stylish and eco-friendly items for your family. We only carry eco-friendly brands that are recycled, fair trade, non-toxic, organic or a combination of the above. Durability, usefulness and beauty are vital in our product selection, while we make our best effort to ensure they are safe, sustainable, and made with respect to the producers.

Founded in the Netherlands, Shak-Shuka comes from the word "leshakshek" which means "to shake or mix up". It is also a dish in the Middle East and is a bit of a hodgepodge of ingredients that are all "shaken up". To us, shakshuka is a symbol of how the world is evolving as an eclectic mix of races, nationalities and beliefs. Shak-Shuka should reflect our love for an eclectic mix in a conscientious world.