3D Shape Sorter Animal


The D Shape Sorter Puzzle is a new concept in educational toys. It offers parents a way to advance their childs learning when the child is too young to give it hard toys. By using an innovative soft material - natural rubber foam - it brings puzzles to much younger children and adds the element of three-dimensionality to them. The Shape Sorter has a home base and 9 brightly colored play pieces a monkey, elephant, giraffe, swan, fish, tree, snake, hippo, and a crane, which children can pick up and examine, play with, learn about, and put back in the soft base. The soft velvety surface of the toy offers tactile stimulation. With a gentle push, the pieces can fit back into their original places. The animal pieces on their own can provide many hours of imaginative play.

Product Details:
Recommended for ages 12 months
Materials: biodegradable rubber foam
Made in: India