Green City Interactive Poster


A poster that not only looks great, but is also an educational tool! Featuring a country village that is super environmentally friendly: using only solar and wind energy, recycling, a charging station for electric cars - the list goes on and on. The poster also includes a set of coordinating people and vehicles to be cut out and who can discover and navigate the Green City with your child.
Children of all ages will be drawn to the tractor, children bike and have fun searching for all the animals that live in the Green City. The eco aspects of the poster encourage children to ask questions, such as: What is a wind turbine? Why is it greener to take the train rather than the car? How do solar panels work? ... It's really a new way to introduce children to the ecology in everyday life, and it's fun!

Product Details:
Materials: 100% recycled paper (250g), printed with vegetable-based inks
Made in: France
Dimensions: 70 x 100cm with an additional sheet of characters and vehicles to cut out