Squirting Octopus Bath Toy


Made of natural latex this fun octopus is soft and squishy toy to play with in the bath and he even has a little surprise! Each Octopus toy comes with a pack of atural Bath Color Tablets, and when you place the tablet inside the bottom of the toy, it will slowly disolve and he will squirt out colored dye, just like a real octopus! Get ready for some serious bathtime fun.

The bathwater colours included in this pack are made from totally natural ingrediants, such as elderberries, gardenia and blue-green algae (spirulina) and do not stain skin, hair or the tub! They also include panthenol and sea minerals to condition childrens tender skin, are soap free and all dermatologically tested. They do not include any artificail colours or preservatives and are free from all known allergenic fragrances.

Recommended for children ages 3