Find & Make Flowers



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Guided Creativity: a project kit to make your own uniquely beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Turn paper cups, plastic bottles, lids and other household packaging into your own stunning floral arrangement.
The Makedo kit gives you all the tools, reusable connectors and stickers you need to create and decorate each flower in your bouquet, and even the vase to put them in.

A great way to learn about recycling, this simple kit makes any coffee cup, paper tube and lid a potential daisy, rose or beaming sunflower. The kit includes a plastic safe-saw for punching holes in thick cardboard or plastic and cutting it down to size; and the clever re-clips and lock-hinges let you connect materials together quickly and easily.
Now you need to find the perfect spot to place your everlasting floral creation.

Makedo parts are reusable so next time create different flowers for hours and hours of fun.

Set includes:
33 reusable parts
15 re-clips (15 pins 15 clips)
2 lock-hinges
1 safe-saw
flower and garden inspired sticker sheets
step-by-step instructions and an inspiration poster

What else is needed:
10-12 paper cups and plastic containers
6-8 lids
1 plastic bottle
thin cardboard

1 hour building time, hours for playing, Help from an adult if you're under 7, Playful creativity and imagination