Ceci Stripe Jumpsuit



was $60

So much to love in one single item of clothing - this Ceci Stripe Jumpsuit from Bobo Choses is pure perfection. We love the look of this item, as it's one-stop-dressing at its finest, and the snap front and short style will make it ideal for the summer days running around.

Since the beginning, BOBO CHOSES has succeeded in finding a special coherence between the brand's spirit, its business, and corporate social responsibility. From this perspective, ACTBYBOBO.ORG was founded in order to financially assist various projects such as, a women's school in the north of Bangladesh and Aytimoun Yo, an NGO that runs an orphanage in Haiti that was set up after the earthquake in 2010

Product Details:
Materials: 100% cotton
Made in: Europe
Care: Machine Wash