Marshmallow Unicorn


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    Marshmallow Unicorn

    Marshmallow Unicorn

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  • All eyes will be on this Marshmallow Unicorn in the room: thanks to the genius of Boramiri's delicate designs, decorating your child's room just got a lot easier and a lot more breathtaking. Easily mounts on the wall, and all you have to provide is lucky baby or child to complete the "ahh-inspiring" space. Each piece is handmade with the highest attention to detail and quality. This should not be hung over a baby's sleeping/resting space for safety reasons

    Product Details:
    Materials: organic cotton, satin yarn, poly filling
    Made in: France
    Dimensions: 29 (w) x 57 (h)cm (11.4" x 22.4"), 26cm (10.2") horn length