Blue Glitter Princess Bag



was $84

Think of it as a bit of glitzy chic to carry around with you - this Blue Glitter Princess Bag from Bobo Choses is all the rage with girls this season (or any season really). We dare you to not want to steal it for yourself to carry around those bare essentials.

Bobo Choses cares about the impact they have on the environment. For this specific reason, Bobo Choses has made it a point to create part of their knitted collection in organic cotton made in India. This is a process in which no pesticides are used and water wastage is controlled, as the soil becomes more fertile and retains water better. To add more commitment to the environment, all items come in wrapping that will biodegrade within 3 years.

Product Details:
Made in: Europe
Materials: 48% PU, 42% PVC, 12% PES, 8% CO
Dimensions: One Size 23 x 30cm (9 x 11.8"), strap drop length 70cm (27.5")