Kiss Pink Secret Sticky Notes


Easy to use, and a lot of fun! These Kiss Pink Secret Sticky Notes from Midori carry your message as a "secret." Each Secret Sticky Note is a long piece with a cut on one edge. To us, fold the Sticky Note into two, and insert one edge into the cut. Your written message is now covered up. This way, even at school, you can send some "secret" messages, like an invitation or funny message. Also, when you return something you borrowed, you can write "Thank you!" on the sticky note, and paste it onto the thing you are returning. Or the sticky note can carry a nice message to accompany a present. Each set contains 2 packs of 10 sticky notes (for a total of 20 secret notes!).

Product Details:
Materials: 100% recyclable paper
Made in: Japan
Dimensions: 12 x 6.5cm (4.72" x 2.56")