Boat & Cloud Pull Toy



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A well-traveled boat for little dreamers , this Boat & Cloud Pull Toy from The Wandering Workshop is for the adventurer in all of us. Poetic & stylish, this is a heirloom-quality toy to be cherished! It is an ideal gift for the just-ready-to-walk young explorers! It is highly interactive as it is entirely up to the child to make it roll and let the fun begin. Also, it stimulates imagination as the child can develop elaborate stories once he/she pulls the red string. After all, this is an adventurous little boat that travels through the seas accompanied by a mighty cloud and a bright sun!

Product Details:
Recommended for ages 1-3 years
Materials: FSC certified beech wood, non-toxic water-based paints
Dimensions (inches): 6 (Height) * 10 (Length without the cord) * 2.5 (Width) (cm): 15(Height) * 25,5 (Length without the cord) * 6.5 (Width)