Modeerska Huset

Jenny Modéer founded MODÉERSKA HUSET in 2011. MODÉERSKA HUSET makes fashion for playing, fantasizing, fantastic children with loads of hand drawn prints in marvelous colors. The garments are designed for comfort and to suit the various seasons of the year. Environmentally friendly is sustainable! MODÉERSKA HUSET makes fashionable, exclusive children's clothes with as little environmental impact as possible, so therefore the materials used are of 100% certified organic cotton.

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    $25 是 $34
    86cm (12-18 months) 92cm (18-24 months) 98cm (2-3 years) 104cm (3-4 years) 110cm (4-5 years) 116cm (5-6 years)

    很酷的和时髦的发球就是一个伟大的办法来调节中的任何孩子的衣柜。 看起来不错短裤,裙子、紧身裤或作为一个分层件,如果天气变得有点冷。

    $25 是 $34
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